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     Ex banker Ma Xueli is now the independent director China two renewable energy companies -- jinkosolar andMingyang wind power group. His comments represent personal views.

    Olivia Boyd -- "dialogue" deputy editor in chief.

    Olivia Boyd (hereinafter referred to as Bo): Chinese greatly reduces the cost of solar power, but a new study shows that it is at the expense of the environment. To clean up the industry?

Ma Xueli (hereinafter referred to as the horse): I want to believe it, but I think this little coherent, because people only care about the financial cost. If the environment affects people also care about the manufacturing of solar panels, we certainly have a carbon tax.

     Chinese have their own environmental regulations, solar energy enterprises have also promised to comply with. If the need to do what it seems to be the trouble, closed. Because the solar panel is a kind of commodity, if you allow yourself to cost more, but others just competition.

    Four years ago we experience a crisis. With the rapid development of the global market, Chinese solar panelmanufacturers said: we want to increase market share, so the expansion of production capacity. The results, to 2011and 2012, the global demand of 30000000 kW, and the supply will reach 60000000 kilowatts condition. Solar panel prices from $2 per watt fell sharply to 60 cents, all lost money.

    So, to beyond the carbon emission reduction requirements are, in the environment more responsible, to China solarfirms is an unaffordable luxury.

    Bo: America just announced new duties on solar panels Chinese production, this is the new trend of growing trade war.     This is what effect?

    Ma: have a look China manufacturer price will know, America announced the new tariffs they generally cut 5-10%.On the contrary, the first solar USA and SunPower prices are up. So, I think this measure USA hinders the popularization of solar power, it is frustrating.

    In the past year, we have been high tariffs on China solar panels. This leads to the American all export China solar panels have selected the following route: their silicon ingot and wafer production in China parts, and thentransported to Taiwan for battery production, then shipped back to the mainland production assembly. In this way,high tariffs so-called became a mere scrap of paper, USA government not to make money, just for Taiwan's solar manufacturers, while preventing the popularization of solar energy in the American.

    When you think of solar panels, America China or European production which is more environmental friendly, I thinkthe environmental impact here to environmental harm in front of no narrow industry interests.

    Bo: what is the solution?

Ma: between China solar industry group and American government is discussed, at the same time USA between twoind     ustry associations have also been discussing solutions, trying to reach a negotiated. I think this protocol can be realized, and may produce a subsidy to help America manufacturers to survive. But in my opinion, the solar panel is a kind of commodity, it must focus on cost and benefit. If the cost benefit Chinese producing solar panels is higher,so what's the problem?

    Two years ago to see the first round of tariff implementation, I feel so bad. More effective cooperation downstreamsolar companies Chinese solar industry cannot and USA, reason is that Americans have a brain "Chinamanufacturers from the American solar panel manufacturer grab hands work" ridiculous idea, and rooftop solar panels actually industry downstream installation can generate more job opportunities.

    Bo: why the export - oriented characteristics of the solar PV market Chinese so strong?

    Ma: if from a wider perspective, the leading technology of solar power photovoltaic technology is been invented about 60 years ago, and in more than 50 years the price is high, up to 8-10 dollars per watt, only one was Germanand Japan Inc leading niche market. 15 years ago, Europe has established the pricing system, the market began to develop, although from a very low base and expensive start.

    Chinese see this situation, said "we can do it", and there have been dozens of listed on the New York stock exchange for solar energy enterprises, to raise sufficient capital, it reduces the cost of. In very long period of time,we all wondered what time Chinese will establish tariff to encourage domestic expansion of solar power. Two years ago, they greatly increase the polysilicon production itself, but is through the online electrovalency implementation.

    Three or four years ago, the solar panel Market in Europe accounted for seven or eight of the world, now plunged to two, China first became the world's largest solar panel market last year, sales volume is 8000000 kW, this year is expected to reach 1200 to 14000000 kilowatts. So, Chinese is very important for solar energy. After becoming the largest wind energy market, now China became the largest solar market.

    Bo: do you think this is a creative industry, in addition to the price of "innovation"?

    Ma: No, we are using a has been in existence for 60 years of technology. This technology also has some minor repairs in the corner, all the love that they each are not identical, but the real

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