The Ministry of industry and information technology: focus on promoting the development of sensor and chip technology
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    The Ministry's website yesterday disclosed, the Ministry recently issued the working point 2014 Internet of things,focus on promoting the sensors and chips, transmission, information processing technology research and development. Boosted by the news, related stocks Piaohong all.

    Promoting the orderly development of the Internet of things

    The Ministry website disclosure of the working point 2014 things yesterday, said to strengthen the guidance of overall planning and industry, break through the key technology, promote the application demonstration, cultivate leading backbone enterprises, promote industrial development, strengthening security, promote the healthy development of our country has ordered network. According to the main points, China will further strengthen the IOToverall coordination of the work place, guide the orderly development of IOT, encourage local governments to support the introduction of the Internet of things technology research and development, industrialization and application of policy, combined with local typical application demand, the arrangement of the national IOT application demonstration project.

    To break through the key technology research and development

Key work points out clearly, 2014 to break through the key technology, including the sensor and chip technology,transport, information processing technology R & D; R & D network object identification system and the key technical support; development of Internet of things technology application and verification model; standard system construction of scientific and reasonable. At the same time, should actively organize the implementation of "Wuxinational sensor network innovation demonstration area construction three years (2013-2015) plan of action", to promote the intelligent manufacturing, intelligent agriculture, intelligent traffic, intelligent medical, intelligentenvironmental protection application demonstration project, plays a pilot role.

    Focus on sensor and chip stocks

    At present, the A stock market, sensor and chip stocks mainly Orbit, Shi LAN, Beijing Jun is, with the coretechnology,      Alex Hua Tian. Wuxi peripheral listing Corporation including and technology, industry and Changdian technology.

    The first venture securities analyst Liu Xinyan thinks, the rapid growth of China's Internet market, industrial development has entered a golden period. R & D technology key sensor, chips, will promote the rapid developmentof Internet of things industry, from the first quarter of Microsoft followed Google ready to enter the Internet of thingscan also see that this market has a strong attraction. Therefore, investors for the IOT plate can be in the long-term concern, which involves sensor and chip stocks can focus on.

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