Zhang Guobao of director of bureau of energy before: subsidies to renewable energy do not
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       The development of renewable energy in China has been gradually on the right track, for the majority of renewable energy, government subsidies are the guarantee for the development of. In June 9th, the national development and Reform Commission deputy director, National Energy Bureau Director Zhang Guobao published the original column says, must weigh the short-term interests and long-term interests, if the government continues to heavily subsidized,renewable energy scale can not be bigger.

    Zhang Guobao thinks, want to renewable energy has a big development, must be innovative mechanism. The direction of innovation should be gradually reduce subsidies, and even did not subsidies, have a certain competitivecomparability with coal-fired power generation.

    However, some industry experts told reporters, subsidies for the development of renewable energy is verynecessary.

Subsidies affect resource scale

    At present, our country has relevant subsidy standard for a plurality of renewable energy power generation field.

The solar photovoltaic power generation as an example, 7 at the end of last year, the National Energy Bureau delineation of a number of distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration zone, in the demonstration area,electricity subsidies standards have been determined to be 0.42 yuan / kwh.

    According to reporters at the time of the interview, the implementation of 0.42 yuan / kWh standard is in the first batch of photovoltaic power generation demonstration area, this does not mean that the standard will beimplemented nationwide, but industry experts believe that, in the future if the promotion of implement, basically will bethe standard, before this, the national development and Reform Commission once the standard positioning the pricesubsidies to 0.35 yuan / kWh, widespread opposition PV enterprises.

    Zhang Guobao said the author, in late May he went to Xinjiang to visit Hami and Turpan's renewable energy projects.Due to natural conditions, local in the development of wind power, solar energy is very convenient, has now built Hami to Zhengzhou plus or minus 800000 volts of high voltage direct current transmission line, have the ability tobundle and power transmission to the central China power grid.

At present, Turpan is the construction of Turpan New District, the planning of 8.7 square kilometers, the roof allinstalled solar panels, plans installed capacity of 13700 kilowatts, 8000 kilowatts has grid. Longyuan company contracted by according to the microgrid operation, electricity price 1.09 yuan / kWh, electricity prices for residential use by less than the local price 2 cents per kWh of electricity price, 0.56 yuan. The extra power the Internet, lack ofsupport by the large network.

    It is reported, enthusiasm of the local development of photovoltaic power generation is very high, investors are very enthusiastic, the biggest problem now is the national number encountered photovoltaic power to control index is too small.

    Zhang Guobao said, due to the national electricity price subsidies targets, so Hami area though the renewableresources are rich, but by the state to the limit on the number of batch size.

The abolition of subsidies dispute undecided

    Zhang Guobao is of the opinion that, if the current mechanism, the total number of renewable energy fund collected each year in addition to the point, generally is the same. Renewable energy generating capacity can subsidies willalso be constant, to renewable energy has a big development, must carry on innovation mechanism. The direction of innovation should be gradually reduce subsidies, and even did not subsidies, have a certain competitivecomparability with coal-fired power generation.

    However, many industry experts told reporters, the current subsidies for renewable energy is indispensable.

Xiamen University energy economy research center director Lin Boqiang said, "the premise of renewable energy development must want to rely on subsidies, not by subsidies can not live, my view is that subsidies in the early as far as possible, a little more. Should a high subsidy, then go down year by year."

    He thinks, if a began to bear the full cost to business, then there is no funds to develop relevant technology,research and development will not have a breakthrough, so just start subsidies to a little more, put more money into,so as to continue to invest.

    Zhejiang solar energy industry association secretary general Shen Fuxin think, national policies to promote PVapplication startup, not production. Electricity price subsidies, give full play to the domestic market, play a leading role.

Chinese energy network chief information officer Han Xiaoping said, "the global basic subsidies for renewable energy, such as Germany has the mechanism of carbon tax, carbon tax to pay for coal, so that renewable energy to compete, it is necessary to subsidies."

     But Zhang Baoguo insists, "from the perspective of wind power, solar energy to reduce costs, subsidies to fill in which link, I think also can study. For example, in order to reduce the financial cost, can to the wind power, solarloans targeted RRR cuts, new energy loan can also give targeted RRR cuts, or subsidized loans, loans extended period, prolong the depreciation period, these measures can reduce the cost of power generation, not must fill in the tariff, if these measures are taken, the same to reduce the cost of power generation, this relationship is called soft cost and cost of hard."

He said, in the electricity price should gradually be competitive with other energy power generation, wind power and solar power, can be competitive and coal-fired electricity price, this is a big problem of China new energy can bedeveloped.

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