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    Last year, China imported integrated circuit for $231300000000, a year-on-year growth of 20.5%, its imports more than oil, is China's largest import commodities. In this year's NPC and CPPCC, electronic industry is of great concern, including integrated circuit. Reportedly, China's integrated circuit (IC) industry a new round of support policies will be issued. After Beijing issued 30000000000 yuan integrated circuit industry fund, Shanghai, Jiangsu,Shenzhen will also introduce billion industry fund, led by the government, absorbing social capital. Preliminary forecast, at least 100 billion investment to boost the integrated circuit industry, the new policy will bring a greatbenefit to the integrated circuit industry, which will promote the localization of the chip instead of acceleration. TheChangsha and Hunan integrated circuit industry also is seeking to speed up the integration, recently, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of semiconductors, spirit core microelectronics technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Hunan state Microelectronics Co. Ltd. the three party in Changsha set high performance integrated circuits and systems laboratory.

    The core question: every year to spend heavily imported high-end products

Integrated circuit is the core part of modern electronic equipment, China as a country of consumption of electronic products in the global market demand, integrated circuit has maintained a growth trend, but due to the lack oftechnical reserves of domestic, industrial products and international mainstream existence difference, a large number of high-end integrated circuit products still rely on imports, "core" disease problem.

MII data showed, the field of integrated circuit last year import & Export deficit of $143600000000, more than the previous year to 3.5% growth. According to the data center business information network monitoring, last year theproduction of integrated circuits has declined, Hunan produced a total of integrated circuit 109830000, drop compared to the same period 84.16%.

    Hunan Ronghe Electronics Co. Ltd has been identified as the national second Hunan IC design company, engaged in high-end consumer electronics, integrated circuit and application products research and development, design andsales. "China in the field of electronic products, in addition to the intelligent operating system, most hardwareequipment can be made, although there is a certain gap between part of the performance, but also can replaceforeign products." The company general manager Li Xiangdong introduced, only one point, integrated circuit technology are restricted based technology is insufficient, led directly to spend huge sums of money each year tohigh-end integrated circuit products imported from abroad, the industry situation is extremely grim.

    Situation: the overall recovery of strong core

    The integrated circuit is a knowledge intensive, technology intensive and capital intensive industries, investment in the construction of an integrated circuit production line the funds required for the first 10 billion yuan from more than one billion. At the same time, technology change rapidly, integrated circuit equipment depreciation is very fast,investment project to profit is difficult, at least 5 years or more to achieve a balanced budget.

    In recent years, the state has also increased their efforts to support. In this year's government work report, "theinnovation support and guide the optimization and upgrading of economic structure" put forward clearly, "the establishment of new industry innovation platform, in a new generation of mobile communication, integrated circuit,large data, advanced manufacturing, new energy, new materials and so on to catch up advanced, leading the futureindustrial development."

In addition, the Ministry issued a "review and Prospect of the development of the integrated circuit industry" in 2013points out, last year China's integrated circuit industry overall recovery momentum strong, management efficiencygreatly improved. Report is expected, the situation of China's integrated circuit industry as a whole this year is better than last year, integrated circuit design will still be the whole industry growth, industry growth is expected to reach more than 15%. With the implementation of the national "information Huimin project", residents health card, social security card, such as financial citizen cards to accelerate the popularization of financial IC card, is at the peak in 2014, domestic financial IC chip will gradually commercial, mobile payment chips product demand.

     "Our company at present, in the low-end to high-end medical electronic capacitive touch keys and mobile power supply three independent IC series as the main products." Li Xiangdong introduced, and Microelectronics R & Ddesign of a high performance of cochlear implant chip CochlearImplant (also known as the artificial cochlea), the first generation of products RH1010V1 smoothly through the clinical trials, to break the foreign monopoly, domesticexclusive, mass production, the second generation of products RH1010V2 has been cast film production. The company realize income of over 10 million last year, net profit margin than the same industry competition enterprisesfrom 2% to 3%.

    Core opportunities: industry or will be explosive growth

    In recent years, along with the global electronics production transfer to China, Chinese integrated circuit industryachieved rapid development in the global IC industry, the status of rapid increase. In the industry view, as long as the domestic substitution can take the share of 50%, the market space would not be underestimated.

    In addition to and microelectronics, Changsha high tech Zone also gathered a number of outstanding independent research and development of the integrated circuit enterprises: Jingjia microelectronics, Bo Ju Xing electronics etc..Jingjia electronic professional engaged in the development of reinforcement of electronic product design and manufacturing, integrated circuit design and related software, products widely used in high reliability requirements of the aerospace, marine, automotive, industrial control and other harsh working environment. Bo Ju Xing electronics in the implementation of the annual output value of 1000000000 yuan, has begun to implement the second phase ofinvestment and expansion, become the key enterprises in the chip industry and leader. The rapid development ofthe integrated circuit enterprises will give new impetus to the electronic industry in changsha

    "Before 2005 'silence', no one will be to invest in the integrated circuit industry, now has the country led, havestarted to pay attention to this industry." Li Xiangdong said, as early as in 2001, Hunan provincial government issued"to encourage the software industry and IC industry development implementation opinions", but since the Hunanintegrated circuit industry chain has not yet mature, he suggested that the government, enterprises core strength,risk investment, the integrated circuit industry need to establish a linkage mechanism, by dispersion polymerizationpolicy support and the limited resources, promote the improvement, industry chain development, interactive,accelerate the integration is the only way to breakthrough Hunan information industry and information industryChina.

    Li Xiangdong said, the integrated circuit in ten years the strongest policy, industry growth opportunity to break out in front. Nearly half a year to the integrated circuit industry support policies introduced gradually, from the national policy support, place the establishment of equity investment fund, the integration of resources and a series of movements, the integrated circuit industry in the past ten years the largest policy support, and the industry itself willfully enjoy the national information security, information Huimin engineering, 4G license issuance, environmental protection and energy saving. To bring the development of emerging industries and automotive networking and other opportunities, explosive growth in the eyes.

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