Nanjing CLP panda 8.5 generation line several stranded eventually settled
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    With the popularization of intelligent equipment, intelligent terminal is out of a new world, in these intelligent terminal equipment, whether it is a smart TV pocket intelligent mobile phone or home, no not to display as the core. It is the trend in this industry transformation, Nanjing CLP panda 8.5 generation line project low-key to carry out, this is the first in the world to create a new IGZO technology of metal oxide 8.5 generation line, a total investment of 29150000000 yuan.

    Display industry chain dream project this debt to China electronics industry through flat, although with the eye-catchingbright, also has a little-known twists and turns, a delay of four years work experience, the change of the market and industry, to mediate in the interests of the game, after many twists and turns but finally settled, it is reported that Nanjing CLP panda the 8.5 generation line project will be in August this year to plant completed, is expected next year,completed in March. The biggest domestic difference a 8.5 generation line, the future flagship HD small screen,intense competition from TV screen.

    As everyone knows, Nanjing Panda Electronics Group is the cradle Chinese electronic industry, although once scene temporarily, but also behind in the tide of transformation, even on the verge of bankruptcy, under the Nanjing City Halletc. various efforts, Nanjing electronic industrial restructuring China participating in electronic, Nanjing seven electronicfactory integration for Chinese electronic Panda Group, but still lack leading products. In fact, Chinese electronic information industry is facing problems and barriers of many, but the largest deletions than chip and displaytechnology, it has many years of cooperation Sharp want the LCD panel 6 generation line shift to Chinese, seek cooperation, so the opportunity to finally let project, CLP panda also starts with the liquid crystal panel items, intends to revive the Nanjing electronic company.

    In 2009, Chinese electronics, Nanjing city decided to cut into the high generation LCD panel industry. In June of that year, Sharp six generation line in cooperation place eventually set in Nanjing. Nanjing new industrial investment group,CEC, CLP panda formed a joint venture company, to buy Sharp line of the Six Dynasties and six generation lineupgrade technological expansion project, a total investment of 13800000000 yuan. At the same time is also a line of the 8 dynasties, but in December of the same year, the national development and Reform Commission suddenly notice to stop the 8 generation line, by the national unified layout.

    In 2010 February, the national development and Reform Commission convened the expert review will be, the Nanjing panda, Guangzhou, Suzhou, LG Samsung Jingdong (29.03, -1.23, -4.06%). Hefei, AUO Kunshan five 8.5 generationline, we choose "five choose two". Nanjing panda 8.5 generation line "accidental" election.

    The second half of 2010, Nanjing began a 10 generation line and Sharp cooperative negotiation, but ultimately failed to reach an agreement, Sharp is not to the impact of the Japanese ten generation line did not agree to cooperate, after a year, the earthquake in Japan, Sharp to attend to China project, the 10 generation line cooperation settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

    In 2012 March, Sharp in financial crisis, the transfer of equity Sakai factory 37.6%'s to the Taiwan electronic company,Hon Hai has thus been Sharp 10 generation line production in half, this also let Nanjing 10 generation line project planning has become more complex, not only have to agree with Sharp, also in talks with Hon hai.

    Although the project was anxious, but soon had The path winds along mountain ridges. signs, in August the same year, Sharp IGZO technology is mature, but in the 8.5 generation line transformation and production, and the national development and Reform Commission has approved the project 10 generation line of Nanjing, Sharp offered to replace the project, recommend IGZO technology.

    At the end of 2013 9, when the Nanjing new 8.5 generation line is the national development and Reform Commission approval last "stamp", administrative reform, the State Council announced the devolution of power, flat panel displayproject approval right back to the place. A four year cycle, the Nanjing project from the 8.5 generation to the ten generation line line, and return to the 8.5 generation line, but this is not the 8.5 generation line.

    Although the project eventually contributed to, but the domestic 8.5 generation line has been a year with more differentscale, but in the electric pandas play a different card, as the first application Sharp 8.5 generation of IGZO technology,Nanjing 8. 5 stay line taken product structure of 70% high resolution small and medium-sized panels plus 30%4K TV panels, to avoid homogenization of competition.

    In the 8.5 generation line to electric pandas are many efforts, in the technical aspects of the 8.5 generation line from Japan also employ nearly 50 technical personnel, in October when the key equipment installation, internationaltechnical team will be increased to 100.

    Today, the 8.5 generation line finally on the right track, next to the CLP panda 6 generation line, construction of largebuildings is be in full swing, even Nanjing by mid August Summer Youth Olympic Games to stop a lot of engineering,but still "on the 1st project the green light".

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