The CLP Group 8.5 generation line in double 929 electronic information industry project flowers in Sichuan
AUTHOR:juya      SOURCE:sina      TIME:2014-9-7

    In August 12th, Sichuan electronic information industry cooperation and development conference held in Chengdu, thedocking discussion and exchange, signed a total of 51 investment projects, total investment amounted to 92900000000 yuan, of which, the framework agreement of 5 projects, the investment amounted to 65200000000 yuan; a formal contract item 46, the investment amounted to 27700000000 yuan, a move intended to inject new impetus Sichuanelectronic information industry cluster, the development of intensive, nearly 200 domestic and foreign well-knownelectronic information enterprises, business associations and experts and scholars to participate in activities.

    According to the industrial distribution of manufacturing contracted projects, 32 projects, investment 64900000000 yuan, accounting for 69.9% of the total investment; service industry projects 19, investment of 28000000000 yuan,accounting for 30.1% of the total investment amount. Contracted projects, 48 domestic funded projects, the investment amounted to 90720000000 yuan, 3 foreign investment projects, investment of 2180000000 yuan.

From the project scale, 500000000 yuan in 31 projects, investment 3690000000 yuan, accounting for 4% of the total investment amount. 500000000 yuan (contain) more than 20 projects, investment 89210000000 yuan, accounting for96% of the total investment, of which, 1000000000 yuan (including) 5000000000 yuan in 9 projects, investment21520000000 yuan, accounting for 23.2% of the total investment of 5000000000 yuan (including); more than 3 projects,the investment amounted to 63000000000 yuan, 67.8% of the total investment.

    At present, Sichuan has become an important national electronic information industry base. In 2013, Sichuan Provinceelectronic information industry overall scale continue to top the Midwest's first, to complete the main business income of572200000000 yuan, grow 23% compared to the same period, the total in the country in the seventh. The electronicmanufacturing industry, operating income grew 22.5%, total ranked sixth in the country, has achieved from IC design,wafer fabrication, packaging and testing to the terminal manufacturing, supporting application in one of the layout of a complete industrial chain, deputy secretary, Sichuan provincial governor Wei Hong said, electronic information industry as the pillar and strategic industry in Sichuan, "the next few years is expected to become a trillion yuan industry."

The State Ministry of division of total economy, China Electronic Information Industry Association Secretary GeneralZhou Zixue said at the meeting, the Ministry will further improve the application of information technology promotion policies and measures, is closely related to the national innovation project and the electronic information technologyindustry to accelerate, to increase the enterprise support innovation, and strive to achieve technological breakthroughsin key areas.

In addition, Zhou Zixue also said, the continual development of electronic information industry to optimize the industrialstructure, "to actively promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises and overseas mergers and acquisitions,support the development of industry alliance, the reasonable layout of major projects planning, and guide the healthy development of industries, to speed up the realization of the strategic goal of China's electronic information industry'stronger'."
Industry advantage prominent companies have little.

"Sichuan is one of the most important electronic information industry base in the country, the scale of the industryranked seventh in the country, the Middle West China, there are more than 40 world top 500 enterprises, more than 20 domestic electronic hundred enterprises in Sichuan to settle down, has formed a design, from the integrated circuit chipmanufacturing, packaging and testing to the terminal manufacturing, supporting application as one of a completeindustrial chain layout. Last year the province's electronic information industry to achieve operating income 564000000000 yuan, grow 21.2%." On the meeting, deputy secretary of the provincial governor Wei Hongru isintroduced, sichuan.

In fact, since 2003, Intel settled in Chengdu, Microsoft, Huawei, TI, Ren Bao, Foxconn, Dell, Wistron and other giants have been forced to Sichuan, more than 20% annual growth in our province electronic information industry. The first half of this year, increasing computer communications equipment and other electronic equipment manufacturing value growth rate over the provincial regulations on industrial 9 percentage points, to become the strong driving force of industrial growth.

According to introduction, Sichuan integrated circuit industry to highlight the advantages, Intel, TI and other leading enterprises in Sichuan development good, last year the whole Sichuan production integrated circuit 4000000000,ranking the fourth, about 50% of the global notebook computer chip packaging and testing in chengdu. Sichuan is the four stool articles of computer production base, a major project Dell, Lenovo, Foxconn, Ren Bao, Wistron, last year the province's computer production ranks third in the country, 50% of the world's apple computer is made in sichuan.Sichuan is the country's largest information security research and development center, the third big game product R & D center and the central and western new generation communication enterprises the highest concentration of regionalsoftware industry ranks eighth, income.

On the meeting, Chinese Electronics Technology Group General Manager Xiong Qunli, Dell global vice president Li Guoqing and President Chen Yanshun have expressed the BOE recognition and appreciation of Sichuan investment environment, also said it will continue to expand investment. "Since the BOE in the 7 years of development, have made tremendous success in operation, product development, cooperation mode, the rapid growth of BOE, Chengdu is a keypoint, the business model Chengdu mode is also a boe project construction, operation." Chen Yanshun said, the company will continue to increase investment in Sichuan, grounded Sichuan, full range to meet the market demand,seize opportunities and common development of electronic information industry in sichuan.

The signing of major projects in yesterday morning held a ceremony, the 8 major projects a total investment of 58300000000 yuan were signed up on the spot, the Chengdu bagged 3 major projects, which are China Electronic Science and technology group to invest 13000000000 yuan in the information security industry park project, the construction of Shuangliu County Chinese electronic information industry group invested 28000000000 yuan project in8.5 generation panel production line of Shuangliu County construction group construction, and wave in Chengdu high tech Zone of Southwest R & D center project.

Three large projects settled in Chengdu

    [8.5 generation panel production line project.

    Investment: Chinese electronic information industry group

    Estimated investment: 28000000000 yuan

    To build the world's most advanced production line in Chengdu

At yesterday's ceremony, China electronic information industry group of the 8.5 generation panel production line project was officially settled in shuangliu. Chengdu Business Daily reporter was informed that, the project is expected to invest28000000000 yuan will be.

    China electronic information industry group is Chinese IT industry "national team", in this year's "Chinese electronic information hundred" ranked third, second only to Huawei, Lenovo has been selected for three consecutive years,"fortune" the world 500 strong enterprises. In the old good cooperation basis, China Electronics Group to continue thisin Chengdu       Chengdu additional investment, and build the city of LCD panel production line project, will be further expansion of Chengdu electronic information industry into more power.

    The general manager Chinese electronic information industry group limited Liu Liehong said, the group will fullyaccelerate the project construction, and strive to build the LCD panel production line the world's most advanced technology and the most competitive, make more contribution for the development of electronic information industry inchengdu.

Research of information security industry park[in]

    Investment: China Electronics Technology Group

    Total investment: 13000000000 yuan

    The core of Chengdu as a regional industrial development

"Is expected to start next year, covers an area of 2000 acres, in 2017 after the year can achieve 15000000000 yuan ofprofits", yesterday, on the China Electronics Technology Group in the project of information security industry parkconstruction in Shuangliu County, China electronics technology group of 30 relevant responsible person said, the project total investment of 13000000000 yuan, after completion, "information security related industry of the wholegroup will be placed here, at the same time, will also have 9, 10, 29 and 30 in jina".

    China Electronics Technology Group General Manager Xiong Qunli as a business representative said, in his speech in April this year, Chinese Electronics Technology Group and Chengdu City officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement, common in Chengdu Construction of national demonstration network information security industry park, to build the network information security industry chain, "which marks the China Electronics Technology Group has been clear the Sichuan as the group core layout area in information security technology and industrial development area".

    Xiong Qunli said, Chinese Electronics Technology Group in Chengdu to cover the basic theory, the high-end chip,software, machine equipment, system integration, test and evaluation, operational service, network information securitycore industrial chain, focusing on the new generation of information security technology and products, high level of security of information technology and product direction, while the core promoting the innovation ability of information security, and actively promote the audio-visual, navigation and communication industry, the rapid development ofgeneral aviation electronic industry in Chengdu, "and strive to form the basis for network information security industrybillion level".

Southwest China R & D center [PROJECT]

    Investment: the wave of the group

    Investment: Mianyang cloud computing center with a total of about 4000000000 yuan of investment

    The expected profit rate than in Sichuan

    The Inspur Group will in the construction of Chengdu hi tech Zone of Southwest China R & D center project. Inspur Group Limited company chairman Sun Pishu said in an interview with the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, Southwest China R & D center planned for construction in 2015, but in July the Mianyang cloud computing center business lastyear to achieve profitability, development more than expected, the company will plan in advance. It is reported, at present the wave of the group has been in Beijing, Guangdong, Shandong has built R & D center, Chengdu is the fourth city. Chengdu R & D center will focus on providing data services for government, small and medium enterprises,in order to improve the efficiency of.

    Sun Pishu said, in Chengdu built R & D center at the same time, will also extend Mianyang cloud computing center,"the two together is about 4000000000 yuan of investment". He introduced, in Chengdu Construction R & D centerscale of 8 to 10 servers, "we hope that the establishment of the data stored in this way, the equivalent of about150000000 optical disc storage, is expected in September landing chengdu".

    Major projects signed in 8 in the field, in addition to the 3 projects settled in Chengdu outside, and the Shanghai andtheir regeneration project, electronic trading settlement platform construction in Mianyang Transfar Group in Neijiang,the construction of electronic commerce industry park project, ZTE in Suining building wisdom City Industrial Park project, Shanghai Guangyi electronics manufacturing building in Suining 6 inch chip project and the Hiske company in the construction of Guang'an mobile phone machine and accessories production project.

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