Intensified international semiconductor chip giant monopoly
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       Reporter investigation understands, in recent years the global semiconductor industry pattern is undergoing profound changes, showing a division of labor, capital intensive, alliance development new trend, and internationalgiants monopoly pattern significantly increased and "curing" situation.

Semiconductor industry has three major trends

    Reporter investigation understands, from a global point of view, the semiconductor chip and related fields continued technological progress of modern information communication industry's rapid development, its itself also become acontains the design, manufacture, testing, packaging, the annual sales of $300000000000 the huge industrial group, the current show three major trends in the development of division of labor, capital intensive, allianceresearch etc..

    First of all, specialization trend industry integrated circuit is very obvious. Experts point out that, at present, the integrated circuit industry the most important mode change, is evolved from the dominant mode of integration development for the specialization and cooperation mode. To promote this pattern formation, is technical progress and change the pattern of competition.

    Unlike the past development model Intel, Samsung and other enterprises to set design, manufacturing, packagingand other upstream and downstream in a body, now integrated circuit industry specialization division of labor is getting smaller, there have been many are specialized in integrated circuit design, packaging, testing of enterprises.

    Secondly, capital intensive, high investment funds have become an important factor in manufacturing process. ByMoore's law dominated, chip complexity and process improvement. The current global chip manufacturingtechnology has reached the 20 nm, with the technical level and increased manufacturing complexity, chip processing enterprise investment cost increases rapidly.

    China Semiconductor Industry Association vice chairman Wei Shaojun said, now the investment in the construction of an advanced chip to maintain balance of the profit and loss of manufacturing factory, need at least $12000000000. In this case, the past by an enterprise from the design to the integrated model of manufacturing,gradually turning off the chip manufacturing assets, transition design enterprise, integrated circuit productioncommissioned work for IC foundry enterprise specialized.

    This is also the global IC foundry capacity demand sharp increase, to TSMC, Globalfoundries, core international(SMIC) provides opportunities for development, specializing in integrated circuit manufacturing business enterprise,Samsung Corp, Intel has a chip design their own capacity and chip production capacity of enterprises also plans toundertake OEM task.

    Third, because the development costs are high, the small coalition between research institutions in some western countries. Researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of semiconductors, Wu Nanjian points out, the most advanced technology will certainly not to China, such as the formation of the Belgian research firm IMEC and IBM as camp on behalf of R & D team, for the development of new equipment Baotuan heating, and the formation ofthe sniper to china.

    International giants monopoly further concentrated

    Semiconductor industry is a foundation industry of modern high-tech important, several of the world's leadingcountries and regions in recent years in the field of money, spend original capital, the international giant monopoly of the industry have aggravated the situation. Reporter investigation understands, China as the "catch up", is currently facing the industry increasingly challenging.

    Industry statistics show, in 1995, 25 of the world's great semiconductor chip companies was investment accounted for the global semiconductor chip production a total investment of 64%; to 2011, has increased to 89%. South Korea's Samsung, Intel and Taiwan American TSMC, the top 7 largest semiconductor chip enterprise investment intotal investment accounted for more than a year worldwide, has jumped from 24% in 1995 to 84% in 2012.

    Some areas of concentration further forward three even before the two strong "curing". For example, after 30 years of competition, semiconductor equipment company has from the original more than 30 to the current three: USAapplied materials, America pan Lin and Tokyo electron, three enterprises with annual sales of more than$5000000000.

Isuppli semiconductor chief analyst Gu Wenjun also points out, more alarming than the trend of monopoly is an alliance, such as equipment and manufacture enterprise mutual investment, patent, technology sharing common,such as TSMC, Samsung has invested Holland equipment company ASML, design company Qualcomm also invest in a foundry, this "oligarch alliance" once formed, later union entry will be more difficult.

    Analysis of micro fabrication equipment limited company CEO Yin Zhiyao and other people in the industry, a few companies of semiconductor equipment in the field of "monopoly curing" trend, greatly improve the industry barriers to entry. For example, the other company's products to more than 30% of the price, can be accepted by clients;equipment involving tens of thousands of patent, monopoly company use of intellectual property as a weapon, to prevent new companies to enter the market.

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