Overseas semiconductor giants have settled in China
AUTHOR:上海飓亚      SOURCE:上海飓亚      TIME:2014-7-26

    STMicroelectronics May 28th global top ten, reached a strategic cooperation partnership with China Changan automobile, the establishment of automobile electronic application joint laboratory, to promote the domestic auto electronics industry development. Notable is, in May 27th, the chip giant Intel and Chinese of electronic agreement,authorized China Company in the low-end tablet SoC chip design, using Intel x86CPU core and 3Gmodem. In thehigh encounters antitrust investigation, Win8 operating system under the ban and financial institutions reduce Seriesevent IBM server dependent, imports for information security to promote alternative more obvious signs. In order to avoid the localization brings to the overseas technology giant order impact, through joint ventures with local enterprises to expand the market, it is becoming a new trend. In this process, the domestic auto electronics andsemiconductor industry is expected to obtain overseas advanced technology upgrade.

    It is understood, STMicroelectronics and Changan Automobile Co, which aims to develop body electronics,automotive service China involved in car audio and video entertainment system and safety system, automotivesemiconductor advanced solutions, products, and training of personnel for the Changan automobile. At the same time, meaning law semiconductor will and Changan automobile, jointly developed actively participate in industry standards and consultation, according to the requirements of the national standard Chinese custom designed chip.The industry is expected, meaning law semiconductor as a global automotive bibcock, this cooperation will help to accelerate the upgrading of domestic automotive electronics technology, promote the intelligent car marketdevelopment.

    While Intel and electronic agreement, rockchip SoC by 4 AtomCPU core and Intel modem, will use the 64-bit"Silvermont" Atom architecture, it is expected that the new chip will be listed in 2015. Cooperation with Intel chips,helps to reduce the technology gap between domestic chip.

    Data shows, in 2013 China's total imports of integrated circuit for $232200000000, a year-on-year increase of 20%,more than imports of crude oil for the first time. Domestic nearly 80% of the chip is dependent on imports. Institutions are expected, in the import substitution wave force, the domestic automotive electronics semiconductor industry, is expected to help overseas tycoon venture opportunities, access to technology upgrade opportunity.

    The company, better electronics has become the automotive intelligent technology in China innovator and leader,through mergers and acquisitions integration Germany Predock successfully realize the upgrading of products.Master a number of automotive electronic technology, the main products comply with the intelligent car and electrictwo trends. The main products of the company car and interaction of electronic products will become the futureintelligent vehicle entrance, through to the system supply battery power management in BMW and other first-line enterprises, the successful intercept the electric car core components. Automotive air conditioning control system of the company, is an important supplier to the global mainstream manufacturers. Ningbo Huaxiang use advanced foreign technology in the domestic low cost development, the transition to lighter and intelligent. The project in five years, its sales income reached 50% of total revenue. Company in 2013 through the German Hal buck companyshares (30% shares), success in automobile electronic products. Asia Pacific stock is one of the few to R & D and production of automobile brake system assembly, the first independent R & D and production of automotive hydraulic ABS of an auto parts supplier, share the first brake system on the market. The company successfully entered through electronic parking system, vehicle electronic stability system of automobile electronic field, is expected to become the biggest beneficiaries of the rapid development of electronic brake industry.

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