Semiconductor and microelectronics centre of gravity from the Atlantic to the Pacific?
AUTHOR:上海飓亚      SOURCE:上海飓亚      TIME:2014-7-26

Taiwan eTron technology company chairman, said American National Academy of Engineering Lu Chaoqun 24 inChina Association annual meeting report, the focus of semiconductor and microelectronics has switch from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, encourage Chinese, technology experts and innovation to create, strengthen exchanges.

     The sixteenth Chinese Association annual meeting 24 in Yunnan Kunming opening. The annual meeting, ChinaAssociation annual will first invite scientists in the Taiwan area as the special report of the annual general meeting.

     Lu Chaoqun said, the next ten years should be called the era of experience economy, experience is "after playingBeckoning, to service Heartbeat, have to provide services, to order products". Future product should reflect theinteraction between human and machine, and the use of machines to help human science and technology is the trend.

     Lu Chaoqun said, from the cloud and mobile communication to the molecular mechanism of semiconductor manufacturing, semiconductor technology as the core, the east-west, intersection collision, is creating a newcivilization. After years of development, the focus of semiconductor and microelectronics has now switch from the Atlantic to the Pacific, should study the formation of Pan Pacific science circle, advocate the multi integration,encouraging the Chinese to create, technology experts, and the like as strengthening exchange bypass.

     As Chinese technology in the field of high level, high level, large scale technology event, the China Associationannual meeting has including academicians, famous experts and scholars and scientific research, production,teaching scientific and technical workers more than 2000 people attended the.

     According to the organizing committee, this year will be more representative of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macaoattended 141. At the same time, there are 40 foreign technical experts attended the meeting, includingrepresentatives from 13 countries, 14 of foreign science and technology organization.

Chinese Association annual meeting will be held 25 days of "cross-strait four" science and Technology Forum, from both sides and Hongkong, Macao science and technology, business and financial circles famous experts, scholars and entrepreneurs will attend, to promote "four sides" in political research the exchanges and cooperation, servicedevelopment and drive industrial upgrading for innovation.

     The sixteenth China Association annual meeting personnel technology projects to promote a comprehensive, up to now a total of 246 projects to promote cooperation, has reached a total investment of 2600000000 yuan, which relates to the field of bio medicine, bio breeding, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection. A number of academicians experts "Yunnan Industrial Area Industrial Development Advisory Group", the establishment of long-term mechanism to support the Yunnan science and industrial development.

     According to the introduction, the seventeenth Chinese Association annual meeting will be held in Macao next year.

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