Shaanxi speed and opportunity behind Samsung Xi'an
AUTHOR:上海飓亚      SOURCE:上海飓亚      TIME:2014-7-26

    In May 9, 2014, Samsung memory chip project will be officially put into operation. Not only means that the Samsungworld-class semiconductor factory officially started in the high tech Zone, also means that the Xi'an, Shaanxi and northwest industry internationalization to usher in a new opportunity. The project will expand the Xi'an semiconductorindustry cluster fundamentally, promote industrial upgrading, enhance the comprehensive strength of Xi'an and Shaanxi, a strong boost Xi'an leading the development goal of the Silk Road Economic belt.

    In order to fully reflect the profound significance of Samsung projects put into production, we review, reading, lookingfrom the point of view, solid all-around series of reports, Samsung, Shaanxi opportunity depth interpretation ofmeaning.

Recently, Samsung project will be officially put into operation. So, to start from the contract to production, such a huge world class project in just two years, this really is a miracle. In addition to person "behind to director, dare officers, officers" speed and efficiency, more means to build Shaanxi inland area development and opening up strategy, the construction of new heights of Xi'an international excellent opportunity to high tech Zone building world-class technology park city.

    "Samsung project from the signing date, Shaanxi Province, Xi'an City, high tech Zone, Changan District and othergovernments have given strong support, not only the administrative examination and approval work quickly, but alsoto build a comprehensive bonded zone, the highway, the sewage treatment plant and other facilities. We are deeply impressed by the strong support of the local government in the material, the heart and other aspects of the." When it comes to project construction and put into operation soon, Samsung (China) semiconductor limited company chairman Pu Zanxun to be filled with a thousand regrets. He said Samsung project coordination, the most impressiveis the high tech Zone weekly, regardless of the weather, the tough issues can be resolved in a timely manner, to the project construction is a great help.

    This section from the bottom of the heart words, only a word or two, not sensational, unmodified, didn't even say"thanks", but every word setting a world class factory successfully start behind Shaanxi's efforts. Indeed, a world-class projects such as a huge machine, the need to run multiple "parts", the operation of the Shaanxi service at all levels of government is a key link, dutifully play a impetus, condensed into play a decisive role in Shaanxi power.

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