2014 of China's integrated circuit industry will welcome the outbreak (attached to the latest policy dynamics)
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    Global integrated circuit industry showed a transfer from developed areas to the area in development trend. The integrated circuit industry Chinese, after more than ten years of accumulation, and relying on the support of national policies, the growth rate is much higher than the global average, has now begun to take shape, the birth of Hisilicon,Spreadtrum, SMIC, Changdian technology and other international well-known enterprises. Taking advantage ofmobile intelligent terminal gain ground quickly, as well as the mainland a huge consumer market, the integrated circuit industry of mainland China has gradually formed a "consumer market, terminal brands, chip design, wafer fabrication, packaging and testing" of the industrial chain each link demand structure, promote each other, common development. In the new round of national support policy guidance, China's IC industry will maintain a rapid growth,achieved by the cheap labor to drive to design, conversion from low-end to high-end development path of.

    "Mobile" person in the world. From a global point of view, the current PC industry from maturity to decline, the growthof the integrated circuit industry changes, the pulling effect is mainly from the downstream mobile intelligent terminal.Design, manufacturing to packaging and testing sub industry's fastest growing companies are focused on the mobileterminal products, is expected in the future this trend will continue for several years, and the emerging markets in thelow-end products will be rapid growth rate.

    The design industry has become the main driving force for the development of the integrated circuit industry of our country. The integrated circuit industry of mainland China sub industry, labor-intensive IC packaging and testingindustry started the earliest, led the early industrial transfer, is the past development of the integrated circuit industry of mainland China's source of power. In recent years, China excellent design of the rapid growth of the enterprise,from the mainland enterprises accounted for the proportion design of orders and SMIC, Changdian technologymanufacturing packaging enterprises more, drive the development of the industry chain to enter a new stage of the design industry.

    The domestic terminal manufacturers, mass market and rising is a strong guarantee for long-term developmentChinese integrated circuit industry in. Sales in 2013 China integrated circuit products the proportion of the worldmore than 1/3, has been gradually formed a "Mainland consumer market, brand, terminal's design, chip, wafer fabrication, packaging and testing," the industry chain demand structure. Downstream domestic terminal brand companies such as China cool, millet and other rapid rise in the mobile era, 2013 China intelligent mobile phone manufacturers shipments ratio has exceeded 20% and the upward trend in the world, will directly stimulate the localIC industrial design from the industry to the IC packaging and testing industry overall rise.

    A new round of government support policy to the development of the integrated circuit industry "wings". "863 project", "national 02 major projects such as" government led to the integrated circuit industry support policy for our country outstanding enterprises to provide strong support. We expect a new round of policy support the soon to be released from both the size and the mechanism design will be better than in the past, we determine the policy will focus on strengthening the formation of long-term mechanism, the central and local government coordination organization to solve the integrated circuit industry investment and financing bottleneck problem, make the ecological environment, strengthen the degree of openness in line with the law industrial development; policy focuswill be manufacturing in integrated circuit (mainly the chip manufacturing) as the center, the fund industry as the means, realize the whole industry chain support.

    The integrated circuit industry focus on the manufacturer's recommended

    We suggest that long-term concern Qixing electronic equipment manufacturing, SMIC chip manufacturing, packaging and testing of Alex Hua Tian technology, crystal technology, long electric technology, as well as the chip design linkswith China core.

    Qixing electronic: influence company integrated circuit device by the downstream investment slowed, revenue fellseriously, but positive management to optimize the product structure, so that the military component has beensubstantial growth. Considering the integrated circuit equipment industry in the future development and militarycomponents of high barriers to entry, to give the company "overweight" rating.

    SMIC: core international is the largest IC foundry in mainland China, the main business is based on the design of integrated circuit customer itself or third party for the customer to create integrated circuit chip. With the development of the intelligent mobile phone, market of group differentiation technology products increasingly strongdemand, especially the power management chip (PMIC), camera chip (CIS) and electrically erasable programmableread-only memory chip (EEPROM). Strong demand for differentiated technology, group plans to expand the existing8 inch wafer production capacity, by month 126000 pieces to 135000 pieces per month wafer wafer.

     In order to meet customer demand for the 40/45 nanotechnology, the Group intends to expand is located in Shanghai's 12 inch wafer factory capacity, by month 12000 pieces of 12 inch wafer to 14000 per month in 2014 12inch wafer. The group also targets this year smart card chip and CISBSI technology, the new product can be started production, prospects.

    Alex Hua Tian: packaging, testing industry belongs to the technology of integrated circuit, the company's main business is the packaging and testing of semiconductor integrated circuit packaging capacity, integrated circuit products from 1000000000 2004 increased rapidly to 3000000000 blocks of 6 at the end of 2007, years in domesticprofessional packaging company packaging capacity of third.

    Crystal science and technology: the world's second largest WLCSP packaging and testing services, the main business of our company is testing and packaging business integrated circuits, mainly for microelectromechanical systems of image sensor chip, chip, ambient light sensing (MEMS), light emitting device (LED) to provide crystal

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